30th Anniversary Feature: Our First Repair Project

May 17, 2016: This year marks Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh’s 30th anniversary!

Over the past 30 years, we have had the pleasure of working with countless volunteers and community partners in providing affordable homes and repairs to over 130 local partner families. For each month of 2016, we’ll be featuring a different partner family.

Our First Home Repair Project - 2013

As you may know, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh expanded our programs several years ago to include home repair, with the goal of providing more affordable housing solutions to suit a variety of different needs in the Pittsburgh community.

One of our very first repair requests came from a disabled homeowner living on the East End of Pittsburgh. This homeowner was receiving letter after letter from her Borough regarding numerous code violations related to the condition of her home. She could not afford to complete the repairs needed to bring her home back up to code. She wrote to us at Habitat for Humanity explaining that the Borough “...will charge me a $1,000 fine daily after their 30-day notice. I am on a fixed income. Social Security, SSI, and food stamps are my sole means of income. My caseworker has sought out help for me and decided to see if Habitat for Humanity could possibly assist me in such repairs.”

Swissvale Repair, Before & After.png

With support from local volunteers and corporate groups, Habitat was able to help this woman through our A Brush with Kindness program. Habitat was able to completely repaint the exterior of this homeowner’s house and set her up on a low-cost repayment plan that she could afford. Habitat’s help prevented her from being forced out of the home she loved so dearly, but could not afford to maintain. 

Since this project was completed in 2013, Habitat has helped an additional 40 families through our home repair programs. Please consider donating to us here so that we can help more local homeowners in need.

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