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October 9, 2015: Advocate - help us save donated appraisals!

Some people support Habitat for Humanity with their time and with hammers. Did you know that some people help Habitat by donating appraisals? Appraisals show the value of a home, which is helpful for homeowners and for Habitat affiliates. Through donated appraisals, the financial community can contribute to Habitat for Humanity’s work and Habitat can save funds to use for other critical services.

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There is one more way you can help help – not with a hammer or an appraisal, but with your VOICE.

Use your voice today to support bills in the U.S. Congress that would make sure that the more than 1,400 Habitat affiliates in the United States can continue to accept donated appraisals. Every year, Habitat finances approximately 5,000 mortgage opportunities to qualified lower-income families. Each of those mortgage opportunities requires an appraisal which, if not donated, uses funds that would have otherwise served additional qualified families.

Join us in taking action to save ‪#‎DonatedAppraisals:

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