Sabimana Family Home Dedication

August 8, 2015: Habitat for Humanity dedicates Penn Hills home to partner family.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh (HFHGP) held a dedication for our 77th partner family, the Sabimanas on Dorothy Drive in Penn Hills. The process of turning this house into a home was made possible by Chase Bank, who donated the home and Thrivent Financial, who provided a full sponsorship for the rehabilitation. This home could not have been possible without the dedication of many volunteers, donors, and the staff of HFHGP.

Aug 2015 House Dedication.jpg

The Sabimana family had a rough path to their new homeownership, coming from a refugee camp in Tanzania six years ago, fleeing a civil war in the Congo. Celeste Sabimana and his wife Madeleine lived in an overcrowded public housing project in Pittsburgh with their three children and Celeste’s grandparents, in a dangerous neighborhood. The family experienced many break-ins in the past year, and violence in their neighborhood.Thankfully, the family can now leave that neighborhood and violence behind and begin a new life in their new home. After investing 350 hours of “sweat equity” as a down payment for their home, the Sabimanas now have their own home for their family to live peacefully in.

The August 8th dedication of the new home in Penn Hills was full of celebration and smiles. The family was given the keys to their new home, and signed their interest-free mortgage certificate in front of a crowd of family, neighbors, volunteers, donors, contributors, and HFHGP staff. The ceremonial cutting of a red ribbon across the entrance to the home symbolized the opening of the new home the Sabimanas worked hard for.

The Sabimana family’s home dedication demonstrates Habitat’s mission of putting God’s love in action, by bringing together to build and rehabilitate homes, supporting communities and spreading home. We are ecstatic that the Sabimanas now have their own house to call home. Thanks goes out again to all of those who volunteered their time and strength to giving this deserving family a new lease on life. 

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