The Sabimana Family

May 20, 2015: Meet the Sabimanas, our new partner family.



Celeste and Madeleine are refugees from Tanzania. Their parents were born in Burundi and lived there until they were displaced by civil war. Celeste and Madeleine were born in Congo until another civil war displaced them, forcing them into a Tanzanian refugee camp. They came to the US about six years ago.

Their current living situation is in an overcrowded home in a public housing project in Pittsburgh with their three children (ages four, two, and one), as well as Celeste's grandparents. Soon, there will be school-aged children of opposite genders sharing a bedroom, and space will be even more limited. Though their apartment is generally in good shape, the neighborhood they live in is quite dangerous. The home has been broken into multiple times over the past year and the family lost many possessions each time. Because of violence in the area, the family keeps the children indoors most of the time, out of concern for their safety.

We envision them happy in their new home in Penn Hills this fall, a home with rooms for the family to spread out, and space for the children to play outside. Welcome to the Sabimana family!

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