Hear from the Homeowners:

Mr. Bruce

A military veteran and cancer survivor, Mr. Bruce has lived in this multi-generational home for over 50 years. As the house aged, it became unaffordable to maintain and was severely damaged in a storm. Habitat helped by replacing the roof, as well as much of the insulation, drywall, and flooring. 

Current Major Projects:

This year we will be providing 8 local families with decent, affordable homes in Pittsburgh! We are currently rehabilitating 5 homes in Penn Hills and will begin building 3 new homes in Duquesne this summer. 


April 21st - Universal is almost complete and we'll be having the home dedication next Saturday, the 29th! We are so excited to be able to welcome another family into their new home this year! Our next few home dedications aren't too far off now.
April 14th - OUr construction team has been working hard all week! We're getting very close to finishing the Universal Road property for our second partner family!
April 7th - Next week we'll be having our first home dedication! Our MacFarlane property is ready and the homeowner will be closing on the house and moving in next week! This is a much-needed move, and everyone involved is incredibly excited!
March 31st - Thanks to First Unitarian Church for coming out to volunteer with us last Saturday! We had a great time and put them to work on some difficult outdoor projects, including digging post holes and starting to install a fence at MacFarlane. We got a lot of work done on that extra project and soon the property will have a nice fence!
First Unitarian Church volunteer group
March 24th - We've been making steady progress at Penny and Dorothy. We're ready for tiling in the bathroom at Penny, and we'll be hanging doors soon at Dorothy.
March 17th - MacFarlane and Universal are basically complete! We just have a few more small projects and then they will be cleaned and ready for their new owners! Weekend groups have been working hard at Lansdowne, keeping us ahead of schedule, while our weekday regulars are working hard at Dorothy and Penny. 
March 10th - We have had 20 volunteers working with us since Monday from Providence College and got so far ahead we were able to break ground on our Lansdowne Drive project, which wasn’t scheduled to start until May 1st! Hopefully Providence College will come out to work with us again next year! Dorothy and Penny are at the point where only a few tasks remain such as tiling, installing cabinets, and hanging doors.
March 3rd - Most of our time is focused on Dorothy and Penny now. MacFarlane and Universal have had the exterior paint finished, and just need some appliances set and a few other touch-up items completed before they are finished. Dorothy and Penny have been insulated and we have started on the flooring. Next week we will have a collegiate challenge group from Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island from Monday-Friday. We expect to get a lot of work done!
February 24th - Thanks to our wonderful construction supervisors, we are close to completion at MacFarlane and Universal. New flooring has been installed as necessary, and the kitchen cabinets have been installed. 
February 17th - Most of the work we have left is suitable for smaller groups of volunteers, so we are going to start working at Penny and Dorothy Drives ahead of schedule with our larger weekend groups. MacFarlane and Universal are moving along smoothly with the bathrooms almost finished and most of the interior paint completed.

February 10th - Thanks to our many dedicated volunteers (especially those that come out every day), we have been able to add insulation to both houses and paint some of the rooms. The bathrooms are ready for new tiling, and the kitchen cabinets will hopefully be coming in soon!
February 3rd - We’ve been making good progress so far at MacFarlane and Universal Drives thanks to the support of Health Corps, NAIOP, and Team Rubicon. The kitchen cabinets have been removed, and many of the rooms are prepped for painting!
January 27th - We broke ground at the MacFarlane and Universal properties today! New energy efficient water heaters and furnaces will be installed in all of our properties as soon as possible.

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