Volunteer Spotlight: An Unexpected Reply

July 15, 2016

As construction deadlines draw near, we at Pittsburgh Habitat will occasionally send out a mass email, requesting volunteer assistance as we try to finish projects. One such email happened to be sent on an obscure day over three years ago. Generally several reply, a few come to help, and after three years and several thousand volunteer hours, the request had long been forgotten. Or so one would assume.

Much to our surprise, we recently received a reply to this three year old email. One of the individuals on our volunteer list at the time did not have a car and was thus unable to make it to our construction site. He emailed to let us know that he now has a car, and to say, “If Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers I am your man.” Every day we are incredibly moved by the dedication our volunteers have to Habitat’s mission, our homeowners, the work, and each other.

We are are happy to reply that we are certainly in need of volunteers. Currently we are finishing up a home rehab in East McKeesport and home repair projects through the greater Pittsburgh area. If you are interested in volunteering, please click here to access our construction opportunities or here to access our ReStore volunteer positions. We hope that you will join us onsite for some good weather, fun company, and great cause.

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