Habitat Launches Partnership with Advantage Credit Counseling Service

May 10, 2016: Habitat for Humanity is incredibly excited to announce a partnership with Advantage Credit Counseling Service.

Habitat for Humanity and Advantage Credit Counseling Service are pleased to be partnering in order to provide a portion of financial literacy training our pool of potential homeowner partner families.

Advantage Credit Counseling Service is a non profit organization that has over 45 years of proven experience in providing expert free credit counseling and a confidential debt management program. Additionally, Advantage Credit Counseling Service is a HUD approved housing counseling agency offering courses for individuals seeking to become homeowners.

Habitat for Humanity and Advantage Credit Counseling Service will work together in four different areas: Pre-Home Buyer Counseling, Personalized Credit Counseling, Debt Management, and Post-Home Buyer Financial Literacy. This will allow Habitat families to be able to complete comprehensive curriculum which includes a Pre-Home Buyer Counseling Session and Personal Financial Management Courses. These courses include workbooks and assessments to ensure participant involvement and understanding.

The Pre-Home Buyer Counseling course will discuss important topics such as assessment of family housing needs, the role of credit in home buying and homeownership, options and alternatives for dealing with debt, and much more information that will help a Habitat family understand how to be great homeowners. 

The Personal Financial Management course will continue the conversation and include other topics such as five steps for creating a successful budget, short-term and long-term saving strategies, the wise use of credit, and rebuilding credit.

We're pleased to begin this partnership and continue work towards our shared mission of enhancing family lives, increasing family stability, and building more diverse family-oriented communities.


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