Solid Ground: Advocate for Land Rights

June 13, 2016: Advocate for Land Rights through Habitat's International Solid Ground campaign.

What is most essential to Habitat for Humanity’s ability to help any family live in safe, decent, affordable housing? It’s something that’s obvious, but many people may never give it much thought - land. Unfortunately, most people around the world have no rights to land on which to live. The majority of the world’s land systems are broken and most people in the world who lack adequate housing are not able to secure title to land. Habitat is dedicated to helping families most in need of housing, but first they must have access to land on which to create a home.  In many countries around the world, barriers to land rights include insufficient or excessive legal and regulatory systems, gender discrimination, inefficient or inadequate administration, customary and traditional practices, corruption, and the lack of political will.

This October Habitat III, the third United Nations conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, will take place in Quito, Ecuador.  The purpose of Habitat III is to reinvigorate the global commitment to sustainable urbanization and produce a forward- looking and action-oriented document called the “New Urban Agenda.” This new agenda will help define urban priorities for the next 20 years.  Help Habitat for Humanity ensure that the UN prioritizes access to land at Habitat III by clicking the image below and adding your autograph to the petition:

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